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List of all the T-top suppliers you can think of


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I've had a very difficult time finding closures for a bottle I purchased. I need a t-top with an 18mm shank and a 27mm top diameter. I've contacted the following suppliers and have not been able to find anything in this size:

  • Paulson
  • Jelinek
  • Tapi
  • Various wine suppliers (e.g., Carolina, Pacific Winemaking)

Can anyone recommend other suppliers? I'd really like to avoid the custom route. I know these closures exist!


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If your looking for a cork T-Top with a plastic or wood top then you should contact Brad at AMORIM at 414-719-2390. If he does not have a stock size to fit your needs then he can have custom ones produced.

Amorim is the largest cork manufacturer in the world based in Portugal!!!

Amorim Cork America, Inc.

360 Devlin Rd

Napa, Ca. 94558

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