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235 gallon still for sale

Dehner Distillery

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For sale:

235 gallon OIL BATH still

This unit is complete. It comes all ready to go with flow meters, oil (mobil them 43), electrical control panel, parrot, condenser, engine turn skirt, and insulated,...... EVERYTHING!!!

This unit is ready to ship right now!!

This unit is about 14' 6" tall, this unit has an 8" column with 20 plates for vodka, or the bypass valve at the 5 plate for rum or whiskey.

This unit has a gin basket above the condenser (not shown).

asking 34K , We will deliver and setup and install for an additional fee.

questions? Please call or contact me at



We also, can build just about anything...... give us a call..anytime

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The sieve tray design is a less problematic design than the bubble cap design. Thats is why you will find it is use in the large majority of ethanol plants. We design are equipment to work, not have problems. I am not trying to sound big headed. We know a sight glass looks impressive but normally we don't put sight glasses in a column unless the customer would like to have them. After the new wears off they are pointless, I'm 6'6" tall and so anything about 8' tall I can't even see into. So why have them 20' in the air?? But we will very happily put them in for anyone who would like them.

So many people are stuck on "bubble cap trays" but there are sooooo many different systems.

1. bubble cap tray

2. duel flow trays

3. sieve trays

4. valve trays

then there is packed sections or columns

5. structured packing

6. Random packing wet

7. Random packing dry

8. A combination of both packing or structure along with a tray type design. Like what we have, the best of both worlds.

What we do or suggest is, as your putting the section into the column is to (depending on size) place a certain amount of ceramic saddles or copper rashing ring on each tray for just a little extra surface area.

We have several vodka columns out there working just fine.

The listed for sale has a 8" column with 20 plates for vodka, or a bypass valve at the 5th plate for whiskey, or rum , or stripping, or whatever. Also, you can add or remove plates to our design. you can take off how many plates you don't want and bolt the rods back together and put the section back into the column.

It a awesome set up.

Take Care!



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