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Hot Liqour Tank Insulation

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Use regular house insulation, the 6" pink stuff with the paper back. Don't get the earth friendly stuff, get the good itchy stuff! It really works great! Trust me. We use it up to 350-400f. With no problems what so ever.

Think about this..... fiberglass wrap for race car headers..... 700-1200F...Just sayin.

Take care!

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Good point Dehner, I will look into that. Problem is, I would have to build a top and bottom for the skirt with that, and that gets complicated. That is why I wanted something more in a "mat" form, that isnt so fluffy and looks clean between the wood and the stainless.

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Thanks for the suggestion, thats why I was hesitant with reflectix. Where did you purchase your fyrewrap if you dont mind? Thanks!


Pricing is:
FyreWrap Elite 1.5” x 48” x 25’, 100sf/ctn @ $3.20/sf ($320.00/ctn)
FyreWrap Elite 1.5” x 24” x 25’, 50sf/ctn @ $3.20/sf ($160.00/ctn)
FOB: Norcross, GA
Availability: Stock
Terms: Credit Card
If you wish to order, please contact Brittany, customer service. Thanks.

Randy Muchow
Thermal Products Company, Inc.
4520 S. Berkeley Lake Rd.
Norcross, GA 30071-1639
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