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So I don’t know how true this is, but I have heard that Washington has quite its fair share of Micro distilleries becoming more popularized business wise. People want to be proud of having their very own business and we at Drinkmicro think it’s a great idea for a number of reasons. Typically, you seem to be family run which adds a human more personable element and because of the hand-crafted nature of your product, it is truly unique experience. I’m sure the following list of Distilleries will keep you just as interested as they have kept us!

1. Skip Rock Distilleries


Image Credit: www.skiprockdistillers.com

Location: 104 Ave C Suite A, Snohomish, WA 98290

Website: www.skiprockdistillers.com

About: Ryan and Julie Hembree are the driving force behind Skip Rock Distillers and the ones you’ll see behind the tasting bar, grinding potatoes or at a local tasting event. Combining their love for food and drink they hand-craft each Born out of a passion for local food and the love of a good drink, the idea of Skip Rock Distillers was launched. They use locally farmed ingredients from farmers they know and trust. Their unique vodka is rich in flavor and texture due to the quality Skagit Valley Yukon Gold potatoes that go into each bottle.

2. Sun Liquor Distillery


Image Credit: www.sunliquor.com

Location: 514 E Pike St, WA

Website: www.sunliquor.com

About: Sun liquor distillery opened in march 2011 after years of dreaming, research and planning. Head distiller Erik chapman and founder Michael Klebeck worked tirelessly to figure out how to make their vision a reality. In the fall of 2011, they debuted sun liquor’s flashship hedge trimmer gin, followed by their award winning unxld vodka and a robust naval strength gun club gin. Sun liquor distillery is one of the only distilleries in the country to also serves as a bar & restaurant, serving in-house spirits as well as a full bar and food menu.

3. Oola Distillery


Image Credit: http://ooladistillery.com/

Location: 1314 E Union St, WA

Website: http://ooladistillery.com/

About: For OOLA owner and distiller, Kirby Kallas-Lewis, OOLA is a labor of love, intellectual curiosity and commitment to the neighborhood he has called home for more than two decades. Kirby has been studying the art and science of distilling intensively. He has participated in numerous workshops, tastings, and conferences on the topic of craft distilling by some of the leaders in the industry. A former artist and tribal art dealer, Kirby has long been interested in the power that great food, wine, art, cocktails and entertaining have in connecting people to each other and to a place.

4. Sidetrack Distillery


Image Credit: http://www.sidetrackdistillery.com

Location: 27010 78th Ave S, WA

Website: www.sidetrackdistillery.com

About: Sidetrack Distillery is located on the historical banks of the Green River where local farmers loaded their boats with produce destined for the markets of Seattle and beyond. The idea of marrying this produce with spirits hand-crafted in the old world tradition brought forth a true estate distillery with a commitment to produce world class cordials, specialty spirits and brandies. Sidetrack Distillery uses pure Portuguese copper stills, impeccable Italian stainless steel aging tanks and their own rich Northwest products to craft the finest artisan spirits.

5. Parliament Distillery


Image Credit: www.parliamentdistillery.com

Location: 14209 29th St E, #104, WA

Website: www.parliamentdistillery.com

About: Jarrett has a unique business philosophy and believes in producing and distributing a fair priced, great tasting, quality product to the blue collar weekend warrior. Because Jarrett was a blue collar worker himself, he runs his business with the same ethics: hard work, sweat equity and an “it’s not over till it’s over” attitude. Jarrett doesn’t believe in conforming to the “norm”. In fact, much of this company is built on following instinct, and trying unlikely yet creative approaches to the product. The mission of Parliament Distillery is to make people as passionate about shine as they are. Jarrett says it best, “Without our fans we ain’t SH#T”!

6. Whidbey Distillery


Image Credit: www.whidbeydistillery.com

Location: 3466 Craw Rd, WA

Website: www.whidbeydistillery.com

About: Whidbey Island Distillery is a family owned business run by three generations of the Heising family. They set out in 2009 to make a world class spirit right here on Washington’s own Whidbey Island, and in September 2011 sold the first bottle of Loganberry Liqueur. Steve’s interest in distilling began while growing up overseas helping his dad make rum. Then, after a career in lasers, optics and defense programs, his passion was reignited, allowing him to combine his interest in distilling with his skills as an engineer to develop a unique distilling system: the Heising 330.

7. 3 Howls Distillery


Image Credit: www.3howls.com

Location: 426 S Massachusetts St, Ste B, WA

Website: www.3howls.com

About: 3 Howls is a joint venture with Will Maschmeier as head distiller. His concoctions began in a “mad-scientist” kitchen, complete with beakers of fermenting wort and rows of infused vodkas. Will then set out to pursue his passion in every way he could. He trained at the Artisan Craft Distilling Institute, volunteered at local distilleries, and fermented anything he could get his hands on. After rounding out his skills with a bartending course, Will found his ultimate laboratory/distillery in SODO and has been crafting 3 Howls spirits there ever since.

8. Dry Fly Distilling


Image Credit: www.dryflydistilling.com

Location: 1003 E Trent Ave Suite 200

Website: www.dryflydistilling.com

About: Dry Fly Distilling is true craft distillery, located in beautiful Spokane, Washington. They produce award-winning vodka, gin, whiskies, and now bourbon using only locally grown grains and botanicals. Their stills, manufactured in Goppingen, Germany, are custom designed Christian Carl pot stills with multiple rectification columns. Dry fly embraces the farm to bottle approach, producing every drop of liquor it sells from only raw materials grown locally by sustainable farms. We do not purchase bulk alcohol, nor do we think that is true craft distilling.

9. Brovo Spirits


Image Credit: http://brovospirits.com/

Location: 18808 142nd Ave NE, Unit 3B Woodinville, WA 98072

Website: http://brovospirits.com/

About: broVo is a collaborative, experimental distillery. They like to have fun, as well as make delicious products. They make liqueurs, amaro and vermouth. But what they really make is a handcrafted, delicious liquor that you can sip or mix. They make products in the traditional way- we buy the base, and craft the flavors into it. They use a variety of techniques to impart the flavor into the liquor. We usually re-distill the base with botanicals. They sometimes infuse or macerate using the botanicals. Sometimes they are combined together, occasionally they infuse separately and combine the flavors together- a process called compounding.

10. Glass Distillery


Image Credit: www.glassdistillery.com

Location: 1712 1st Ave S, WA

Website: www.glassdistillery.com

About: Glass Vodka is an elegantly crafted vodka from Seattle. They embrace the unexpected, the seeming contradictions life presents. Science and art, soft with an edge, vodka distilled from grapes. They have a worldview, but their roots are in the Pacific Northwest. Their grapes come from the rich soils of Washington and Oregon. And their name pays homage to the glass artists of the region. Their desire is to deliver a product without compromise. While it is folly to try and meet all taste, they invite all to try a taste.

Do you think Washington is the top state to visit for its Spirits?

What is your favorite Distillery to visit in Washington?

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