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Popular sizes of ditillers---100gallon,500L,1000L,1300L,1500L and 5000L

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Hey guys,

Over the next few weeks I'll be getting in a bunch of new products, so I thought I would share it with you guys I know it's risky with the unsavoury nature of the post,but, you lot deserve to know where DYE is heading, and let me assure you all it's always forward.

Early this week, I'm expecting a shipment of 3 finished distillers

1500 L--DYE III--for making all kinds of spirits,

1000 L--DYE II--for making gin/whiskey,

100 gallon--DYE III--for making all kinds of spirits).Pics are attached FYI in our Galary.

Another new products are coming too.

5000L--DYE I--for making whiskey/brandy/rum,

1300L--DYE III--for making all kinds of spirits,

500L--DYE--III--for making vodka/gin,

100gallon-- DYE III--for making all kinds of spirits.

Semi-finished pics are attached FYI in our Galary,and the finished pics are expected to come at the end of Oct.

I apologize for the non photoshopped images, but it might give you a true idea of what we are.

Will keep you updated with the progress and you are highly welcomed to share any of your idea with us.

Penny/ sales manager


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