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50 ml bottles


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So we're just now getting around to exploring offering some different bottle sizes other than 750s. I have a few questions. Who is a good source for 50ml bottles? Do you prefer plastic or glass? Most importantly, how do you label them - do you provide a file to the bottle supplier and they do it, or do you label each little guy yourself? Bigger picture, for those of you offering 50s, do you feel it's worthwhile? Does it eat into your bigger bottle sales of is it a net benefit?


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1. We use plastic our selves, we can process just about anything tho.

2. We can fill about 6500-7500 per hour.

3. We use an auto capper at a rate of 200 per min.

4. We label on a wrap labeler. about 140-200 per min.

5. We box them in 60 pack boxes because 10 or 12 packs boxes really eat into the profit.

if you are selling a 750ml at a good price then 50ml are ok.

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