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Primera AP362 on tapered bottles?


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We are using a Race Label machine to label our bottle and it's true that it's very dificult. We have a slightly tapered bottle with a clear label that is a wrap around ... Very very difficult to label and be rproductive but it can be done with a lot of effort .. See the video about it on Youtube :



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Tapered bottles requre a tapered label. Otherwise you will have wrinkling and an ill fittling label.

Most of these table top labeling machines can be adjusted to fit a particular bottle. It's best to communicate with your labeling machine folks if your machine needs to be modified to accept a tapered bottle. The larger the label the more chances of bubbling/wrinkling and it shows bottle imperfections as well. Dips in bottles...or 'out of round'.

This process in the video is too labor intensive...it should go much smoother than this and faster.

irene@allamericanlabel.net if you have any questions. We are label printers for the spirit, wine and beer industry. If you come to the ADI events we may have met, as we are long time exhibitors with ADI.


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There definitely are bottles out there that won't work with the conventional bottle labelers, such as the AP362 and Benchmark products. In fact, I found out the hard way that my tapered bottle was not compatible with a labeler... unfortunately, by buying the bottles first. Bottle suppliers are pretty bad at telling customers about how difficult the bottle shape is to label. A good person to speak with on the labeling machine side is Steve Scholz at steve@saresource.com and he can let you know if your bottle/label will work with the Benchmark system. I would also recommend Scott Haggerty with Trysk Print Solutions at shaggerty@tryskprintsolutions.com. I can't recommend Scott enough... he's great to work with in the labeling World and will help you solve your label/bottle pairing. Good luck!

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I had some experience with this in helping a distillery we had printed the labels for. I will be happy to share with you how we made this work. Also would need to know how large your labels are and hopefully they are 2 piece?

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If you have the printer and the bottle, you can experiment with the placement of the two rollers that the bottle rolls on, they have different grooves, and I can confirm you can have the left side in one groove and the right side of the roller in another groove and have the rollers in a V shape...

it may take making a more adjustable roller system, and even having the labels printed on the roll at a tilt, but anything is possible with enough tinkering.. (and labeling parties to do production until you get the automation correct......

(you should see trying to train people the hand-eye coordination to get the label on the front of a flip-top bottle so that it aligns with the bail!)

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