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Chemical Engineer Looking for Entry-level Distillery Position


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I recently obtained my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and I am looking to get my start in the spirits industry. In my final year of school, I worked with a craft distillery for my senior design project and loved the work. I have a lot of theoretical knowledge from my schooling, and am now hoping to gain experience with the operation and business of a distillery.

The project I worked on determined if a scale-up was a good investment for the distillery. The work included equipment design and pricing, creation of engineering drawings, a thorough economic assessment, and comparison of design alternatives. In the process I learned a lot about fermentation and distillation. It is such an interesting application of chemistry – deeply rooted in tradition, but at the same time utilizing very modern science and technology.

My main work experience is a process engineering coop/internship with Dakota Gasification Company. They are a coal gasification plant, which I acknowledge is a very different industry than spirits, but I know the experience I got at DGC will be applicable wherever I go. I have experience with a large variety of projects including economic feasibility studies, fieldwork and process sampling, equipment sizing, monitoring process quality, working in multi-disciplined teams, working with vendors, writing technical reports, and solving process problems. Because I worked on so many different projects at DGC, I am confident in my ability to learn new job requirements quickly.

I believe I could be a great fit for an assistant distiller position, but my qualifications would be useful in other areas as well. If you have an opportunity for someone like myself please contact me at the e-mail address listed below. My resume and references are available upon request. I currently live in Minneapolis, MN, but I would be willing to relocate to the New England/New York area, and am open to other possibilities as well.

Thank you,

Rebecca Hovey

(edit: email address removed)

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I just wanted to update and say that I am no longer looking for a position. I have accepted a job in the distilling industry, and it was was made possible through this post and the ADI website.

Thank you!!

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