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American made, all copper, Charentais still


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Hello ADI! Just dropping in to show off the latest still built here at Craftsman Copper in Olympia, WA. This one is thus: 225 gallon direct fire boiler with hand forged onion head, all stainless hardware and gauges, 135 gallon preheater with manway and sight gauge, and a 235 gallon capacity condenser with hood and 1" x 60' all copper worm. All ball valves are lead free. Constructed using primarily TIG welding process, and of course some lead free solder where it was needed. I'm pretty proud of this one and look forward to hearing how it performs for my client.

If anyone is interested in a still, feel free to contact me through here, or via email: james@craftsmancopper.com - also, if any operational micro-distilleries want to set up their tasting room with copper lighting, that's my main line of work!

Oh, and I can also custom make you still heads based on your designs and dimensions. Just contact me if you're interested!

Thanks for checking this out.








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