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Hello from Idaho

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Greetings Everyone,

We would first like to thank you all for paving the road for start ups like us, and making so much information available. We hope to be able to provide valuable feedback, just as so many before us have.

Liquor Creek is a LLC here in the Northwest. We are a group of guys who have grown up together and we intend to start our craft distillery soon. Logan is a mechanical engineer. Alex is Public Relations Specialist. My name is John, and I am a microbiologist. We all maintain this account.

We look forward to being an active part of this community.



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Welcome John,

This is a great place for you...lots of information floating around.

My name is Irene George with All American Label. If/when you are ready to consider custom labels, let me know, I'm happy to send you a nice sample package of our print work. We specialize in high end materials, foils and embossing, all great things to enhance your branding. We also exhibit at all the ADI events, perhaps we have met!

Please connect with me at irene@allamericanlabel.net if you would like a nice sample package.

Best of luck in your new adventure!


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