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New Distillers Assistant in SF

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Hey ADI! My name is Dillon and I have spent several years working at every level in the bar industry here in San Francisco. Ten months ago I was hired as a Distillers Assistant with a big passion for the production side of things and ZERO experience. I have learned so much by referencing this forum up to this point and figured I should join in the fun. Your stories are extremely helpful and the application of your advice has made me look really good to the people in charge. The blessing of being hired at an established distillery would also be a curse if not for the resource of your success stories and hard-learned lessons. It's pure gold to me and I really, really appreciate it. Thank you a million times... and get ready for some questions. :D

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Distillery No. 209.

If anyone wants to let me know what gin you make I'd like to give it a taste. There's a new bar/restaurant in San Francisco with the largest gin selection in North America called Whitechapel. Your stuff should be there no matter how small the operation and if not then I'll make sure they order it. The San Francisco Spirits Carnival this last year was packed with some really great stuff and I'm always interested in what distillers are coming up with these days.

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