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Class 2 wire and connector for thermocouple


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The control unit for our still connects to thermocouples like this. Does anyone have any input on specific types of wire and connectors that would seal the conduit connection on the end? Our electrician wants to run hardconduit to each thermocouple and that is excessive in my mind as low-voltage/class 2 wiring is safe for class 1 div 1 areas. I can't seem to be able to find an appropriate explosionproof/dustproof wire and nipple to connect to the probe.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I am not an engineer.

While a thermocouple should be considered intrinsically safe under normal circumstances, the challenge is in a situation of equipment malfunction, whether or not voltage could be applied to those wires.

IMHO - the easiest approach is to use an Intrinsic Barrier designed for a thermocouple. They are usually small DIN-rail mount barriers. Something like this:


For a higher level overview of intrinsic safety, probably more than you want to know:


We use RTDs - and we did run conduit - our probes use class 1 div 1 housings made by Rosemount.

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