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Agitation during fermentation


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Curious on thoughts of those agitating their fermentations. We currently ferment open top 300 gallon batches. I have spoken to some distillers who see an extra ABV point by continuously agitating throughout the fermentation cycle.

I'm not trying to start a debate our fermentation philosophy just curious at a high level if you have found it beneficial to continuously agitate your fermentations.

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Agitation during fermentation is primarily useful if you have a highly flocculent yeast and/or a lot of solids. If you agitate in a manner that introduces additional O2, could actually reduce your yields, as the yeast will propagate at the expense of ethanol production.

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During a tour of Bruichladdich, they mentioned that the agitation/oxidation of wash was very beneficial. It removes ethyl carbamate (spelling), which is a precursor to cyanide. It also promoted the interaction of sulfur and copper in the still, possibly benefiting the sensory profile and providing less sulfur in the final product.

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