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New Stock Liquor Bottle

Wm. R. Hill & Co.

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Hey Distillers,

We have a new 750ml bottle which we will be stocking this year called the Highlands which is made by VOA in France and it is very affordable for the North American market. If you are looking for your product to stand out on the shelf then this is your bottle. It is quite heavy at 895 grams and is made by one of the best glass manufacturers in the world so the quality is exceptional.

We expect our first shipment in by April and can package these for you in a six or twelve pack case.


Capacity 750 ml Weight 895 g Height 315 mm Diameter 86 mm Finish type Bar top finish

I have just a few samples available so please let me know if you are interested.



Wm. R. Hill & Co.
4500 E. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23231
P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921
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