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Just started making small test batch gins, thoughts on botanical recipes??


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Hey there,

So I recently purchased a 1000 mL master distillation kit from Pellet Lab to start testing small batches of re distilled spirits with botanicals. I have various botanical bills already laid out, but the amounts for these test batches is where I am a little stumped.

Anyone have a good idea what's an appropriate amount of juniper berries for a small batch like this?

Thanks so much!


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amounts will vary dependant of if you plan to vapor infuse or macerate. For maceration on that small of a batch 15 grams or so of juniper berries would be a good starting point for you.

+1 on glisades remark. Get a good scale with low resolution as when the day comes you go to scale up your recipe .01 grams will make a difference

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