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COLA - queue time placeholder image


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We're currently redesigning the label for one of our products. It has an approved COLA, but we would like to change the fluff text and rework the graphics/design (from 2 labels to 1, adding a bit and taking away a bit).

I'm pretty certain I need a new COLA for the new label. We don't have a finalized version yet. My question is: can I submit with what we have currently and then swap out for a final version later? I want to get the queue time moving but I also don't want to waste that time if the approval comes back rejected because of a placeholder image.

Thanks for any insight

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Thanks for the response.

We're adding non-holiday related graphics, drastically changing the logo and changing the copy to something completely new. From what I'm seeing those all require a new COLA unless I'm misunderstanding.

Quick question, can an amendment be done through the colas online UI?

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I think you should be able to, Yes

Dealing with TTB can be a serious pain sometimes. There are a pile of loops and hoops, And sometimes things that make perfect sense to me, will get flagged.

Just because I always want to be 100% compliant, And am obviously not a lawyer, I have a lawyer do all of my formula and COLA submissions.

The Lehrman Bev Law firm are great guy's to work with. I deal with John Messinger. Absolutely worth every penny.



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