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Black Button Distilling- Whiskey Wrangler Introduction

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Hi There!

My name is Zach and I am the Whiskey Wrangler for Black Button Distilling, the first craft distillery in Rochester, New York since Prohibition!

I just wanted to take a a moment to introduce myself before I dive right into the discussions. My responsibilities at Black Button consist of marketing, social media, sales and anything in between!

I started my craft distilling career probably how many others found their love for craft spirits, through the craft beer boom. I was working at a locally craft brewery and overnight I fell in love with the endless possibilities. At the time I did enjoy bourbon but was unaware of the boom that was going to hit my hometown, Rochester, New York.

I met Jason Barrett, President/Distiller of Black Button Distilling at a presentation I was giving while finishing up my undergrad. I was the only one to hang back and talk with Jason and he explained to me all the exciting things going on at Black Button and how I could possibly help the company grow.

A month later I was hired part time and a few months later I was hired to work for Black Button Distilling full time. And the rest is history! Black Button Distilling is now distributed in elven states with seven unique products to offer.

If you ever have any questions regarding social media, marketing, or event planning feel free to reach out to me! Thanks for listening and I look forward to working with you all in the near future!




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