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  1. Have someone to contact there? We're looking for a 2000L 600gal mashtun.
  2. Agreed with above, interested if you have specs and info. Food grade etc?
  3. We have a repurposed dairy tank we've had around for awhile. Worked as a Frankenstein mash-tun as we were figuring out what we were doing the first couple years. Its ~1500L capacity 400 gallons. Has a working high hp (I believe 5hp, need to check) low gear mixing paddle about 50-60rpm (mounted on center). It does have a jacket which we filled with water for cooling. The jacket is NOT pressure rated and has internal large dent see photo, no leaks. With a little ingenuity you could direct steam inject. Located: Kalamazoo Michigan, ideally local pickup SOLD
  4. YES Thanks this is what we all needed!
  5. FDA policy/comments and advisory https://www.fda.gov/media/136118/download
  6. We have a ADE 500gal hybrid Vodka spirits still. We’re looking at adding a gin basket And would like to see folks set ups, how they fit it in, where in the line etc. etc. pics!!
  7. Looking for first hand accounts of distilleries using an online retailer to help you expand your brand. The few companies that come to mind are Thirsty, Drizzly, or Caskers. There's probably more, but interested in feedback. Cheers
  8. Code issues are a buz and biz killer. And agreed with the past comments. Everywhere you go they're different. Our local code officials have no idea what they're doing. We usually have to educate them, and hope for the best.
  9. This is pretty incredible. Anybody get a bottle? That would be one heck of a keep sake.
  10. Interested in a few items. But the photo links aren't broken. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Awesome thanks! I'll be in touch soon.
  12. Packaging looks great guys!
  13. Hey Stumpy, Can you provide some photo of the 550 gallon to Josh @ GD distilling dot com
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