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Expanding physical space that our current bond covers


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You have to amend your registration to "extend" the distilled spirits plant into the adjacent space to the current space. It will involve new descriptions of the dsp premises and bonded premises, along with any changes to the general premises that may occur. If the space is actually adjacent, meaning touching, there is no problem with that. If it is not contiguous (continuous in TTB's terminology, then you may have to ask TTB's permission to include it within the existing DSP, depending on what falls between the current location and the space you want to add.

You can send me a personal message if you want to discuss the particular circumstances. I don't like to give particular answers to particular questions because people may think their particular circumstances are identical to yours, when they are not, and, if they rely on what I say, end up doing something wrong because the devil was in the details that were different.


Sec. 19.119 Change in premises.

If the proprietor intends to extend or curtail any part of the plant premises, except under alternate operations that are covered by Sec. Sec. 19.142 and 19.143, the proprietor must file form TTB F 5110.41, Registration of Distilled Spirits Plant, to amend the registration. The proprietor must not extend or curtail any premises or equipment before the amended registration is approved.

The form 5110.41 is the DSP registration in paper form. Use it if you originally field on paper, otherwise us permits on line. Ignore the alternate operations provisions unless you intend to operate a brewery or winery in the same space or let another proprietor establish a DSP in the area, none of which appear to be the case given what you ask.

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