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What type of mill


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I'm having an inconsistency issue with this crappy coffee blade grinder i'm using to mill the required botanicals for our gin. I'm milling Grain of paradise, cubeb, cloves and coriander. Does anyone use a burr grinder and if so what type? Any suggestions on what botanicals do need milling and which don't?

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We use a corona mill (easily found for $30+ online) with a drill to run it. It's been working really well for almost 2 years of steady use. You can adjust the grind plate to accommodate the level of crush you want. Only downside is that you'll have to run it with some sort of covering (we just drape a trash bag) or it'll throw botanicals everywhere. Oh, also... we attached a larger hopper using a few sections of vent duct.


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We are doing exactly that for juniper. Works great. I have it mounted in a 5G bucket with a hole cut in the bottom that we can set into another 5 G bucket that it mills/squashes right into. Hopper and all.

The thought of using that mill for the rest of my botanicals? Yikes. I don't have a huge volume of supporting flavors so i think the corona would be overkill/pain in the ass to adjust to a standard grind every time.

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