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Vapor infusing absinthe

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I'm curious if anyone has any experience with infusing absinthe and it's related botanicals in the vapor path vs macerating in the kettle? I'm equipped with a gin basket that would make sense for all sorts of herbal spirits.

Is a louche able to be maintained (did the vapor infusion contribute enough oils)? Are there any ovious flavor implications vs macerating?

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You would need an enormous basket to get enough botanicals in there.

how many grams per liter are we talking, I am sizing a bigger gin basket to hold enough juniper and corriander for a full still charge, going a bit bigger now makes sense?

(the Pontarlier recipe looks to be 115 or so grams/liter of macerated botanicals, and I am at 40g/L or so with Gin, but the Pontarlier may be above TTB threshold..)

Also, what is the density, that is, how much does a liter of it weigh, I get about 400 grams in a liter of space for juniper, which is what I am sizing the basket it on..

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The density will vary obviously, but the leafy botanicals (like the wormwood) are pretty light. Anise and fennel have similar density to juniper and coriander.

Even if the basket would be large enough, I'm sure the profile would change from switching from maceration to vapor.

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