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Operating partner needed for Pirate's Key Distillery

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Pirate’s Key Distillery and Brewpub is searching for the right operating partner to help open an exciting, new venture. We will be a primarily a craft rum distillery and locals favorite brewpub in a tropical, island environment. Sales & Marketing will be focused on a fun and entertaining atmosphere based on popularity of island culture and pirate folklore.

The ideal candidate will have the follow qualifications:

- Be an investing partner with part ownership

- 3-5 years minimum of craft beverage experience

- Positive, energetic attitude willing to work hard and play hard

- Have a clean background

- Be able to run all operations of a distillery, brewery, pub and retail shop

- Willingness and preference to move to a tropical island

- Self starter

- Great communication skills

- High level of responsibility

- Be willing to travel when necessary

- Love to experiment, tinker and create

- Be computer literate and social media savvy

- Strong desire to have their dream career of living in the islands making beer and rum (or to grow up and be a pirate…)

Those interested can personal message me or email me: chucknowicki@yahoo.com. Business plan, location and other information will be made available after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

I will be in San Diego for the conference in April. I'd be happy to meet with interested parties who are also attending.



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