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National Product Mix

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I'm hoping someone can help me. I recall reading an article within the last month or two that had some statistics about the US craft product mix. It had counts, I don't remember if it was by pure products or by DSPs, of how many of each of the major types of products were made. For example, X vodkas, or at least X small distilleries producing a vodka. Same breakdown for rum, whiskey, etc., resulting in a sort-of net product mix for distilleries in the United States.

I've been looking for this for days and simply cannot find it. Any pointers (to that article or similar information) would be much appreciated!

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Not the same information as I thought I remembered, but helpful nonetheless. Thank you!

The specific information was either along the lines of "There are X craft distilleries producing rum/vodka/whiskey/etc. in the United States" or "There are X craft rum/vodka/whiskey/etc. labels in the United States."

Obviously this is a long shot. It may have been a dream for all I remember; I'm fairly rigid in making sure I save or bookmark information that I think will be important, but I can't for the life of me find this anywhere in my notes.

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Posting this here in case anyone else is having similar issues. While I never did find the original article, this one has a chart in it, titled "% Producers in Category by Entry Year" which is basically the same information I was searching for. I did reach out to the author to see if I can track down the source material for the chart, and I will also post that here if I hear back.

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