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Filtration Suggestions


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I'm a newbie at spirits filtration and have a few questions regarding filtration in general and also what's the best method to filter a cloudy gin in particular.

Will a plate-and-frame filter out too much aroma/flavor?

I've heard some use the Noryl plastic plates, but others recommend only using stainless steel plates to filter. Stainless steel is much more expensive and I'm wondering if it's necessary?

Is a cartridge filter better or does it accomplish different goals than a plate-and-frame?

Finally, what filter pad and/or cartridge filter manufacturers and types do you recommend?

Thanks for the help!

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We use Donaldson Filters. Contact there is Scott Grimes. He works with a lot of distilleries and is VERY helpful in making recommendations. We use an affordable cartridge filter set of 5 micron and 1 micron. I can't comment on other filter methods but this works well for our spirits. Doesn't appear to remove flavor but leaves a nice clear (in white spirits) product or nicely colored aged product without sediment. Some will favor a coarser filter but that's what we use and like. The filters aren't too expensive and its easy to just maintain a set for each spirit to avoid flavor contamination.

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