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New small affordable pot / hybrid stills

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Hello all. I would like to announce a new line of commercial 60 to 230 gallon pot still column hybrids. Stainless and copper stills fast delivery and meticulously built. They are what some people expect when they given say $4K for the flute type stills built for home users but intend to use in a commercial setting. We can do anything to like to customize your still and have it your way. Our first unit will roll out today. And I will post picture. This model is s 60 gallon working capacity, with a 4 plate dual flow sieve tray column and deplegmator, Condensor, heated by steam or propane this is a propane model. Stainless and copper has a brushed finish and heat stable clear coated to be easy to clean , if you have time to polish it, your doing it wrong I say. This model is roughly $8k with delivery and setup possible on a mileage and labor basis. The other unit will begin production Monday. I produce one unit at a time . So no wondering where is my still? It is 230 gallons same specs as above . Also let me note, these stills are not agitated by an agitator. The seals are all Chinese and poor quality. These seal vapor in and allow the agitator to turn. I use a method time proven by larger companies. Pump circulation. Highly effective. The 230 depending on options this still is around $15K. I will show production pics for now and also the large thumper that can be added for $5K with a column for high proof and $4K if not. Contact me here or at 315 414 1810 . And always American made with as many American made parts I can find. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252 {\fonttbl\f0\fni





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