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~500 gallon jacketed mash tank

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We have an approx. 500 gallon kettle with a jacket that we are no longer using.  We purchased this tank used in 2010 and used it until 2014.

It came with a bottom entering dispersion type mixer, however (!) the mechanical seal breaks down fairly often.  It's a reasonable fix ($500 for the part and I did it myself) but I'd recommend a different mixing method.  We did use it for 4 years though.

It's open top with a hinged lid.  There is no name plate and we ran the steam at 15 PSI.  The jacket is well insulated on the outside.

We never cleaned it from the last use but it does clean up nice.  Polished inside and mounted on carbon steel legs.

We have a rolling ladder that can go with it and a VFD for the motor.  It's been running on 3 phase 208 vac.


Overall diameter 70"

Overall height lid closed 106"

Inner diameter 48"

straight sides 58"

dish bottom 6"

Center outlet 2" tri clamp

$4,000 I would really like to see it go.


info @ brkdistilling dot com

email for photos, the upload is failing.

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