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  1. We have several barrel racks that we no longer use. All made by Western Square, purchased new by us. Fully functional. 7 units - each holds two 53 gallon barrels. Low profile. Painted black. $100 ea FOB Brooklyn, NY 11232. 5 units - each holds two 25-30 gallon barrels. Low profile. Painted black. $100 ea FOB Brooklyn, NY 11232. 2 units - each holds two 25-30 gallon barrels. regular height. Painted beige. $100 ea FOB Brooklyn, NY 11232. DM or email us info AT brkdistilling DOT com
  2. We have 3.25 pallets of new Saverglass Distill'er (distiller) bottles available for sale. We purchased these for a product that we later discontinued. 750 ml Plate (aka cork/bartop) Clear glass & round bottle 960 units per pallet 3,120 bottles total Saverglass site has the specs here - https://www.saverglass.com/sites/default/files/csv_produits/pdf/FT-DISTILER-70-75 cl_FR_EN.pdf $4,750 for them all or best offer (about 1.52 per bottle) FOB Brooklyn, NY 11232 Feel free to DM or email the distillery direct info AT brkdistilling dot com
  3. We have some once used 25 gallon barrels for sale. We aged our own whiskey in these barrels. The whiskey is called 77. Made by Kelvin Cooperage and featuring 2 year air dried oak and #3 char. These all have bungs on the heads. Some also have bungs on the bilge. Steel hoops. We are happy to sell them for $90 each or we can make a deal on 10 or more. Thanks. Call or email us please. info at brkdistilling dot com 347 seven 2 five 4 nine 8 five Located in Brooklyn, NY 11232
  4. Bump. We empty additional barrels on a regular basis. We are happy to make a deal on 10 or more barrels. Cheers, Brad Breuckelen Distilling
  5. We have a steady supply of 25 gallon once used American oak barrels for sale. These are 24 month air dried oak from Kelvin Cooperage. We age our 77 Whiskey in a new barrel every time and these are the result of that. one hundred a barrel or we will make you a deal on 10 or more. info at brkdistilling dot com 347 seven two five 4985
  6. We use new 25 gallon (about 90-95 liters in practice) barrels for most of our 77 Whiskey. And so I have a regular supply of once used for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Brad info AT brkdistilling.com
  7. We have about 40, and more coming, once used whiskey barrels for sale. These are 25 gallon, 2 year air dried American oak, #3 char, from Kelvin Cooperage. The bungs are mostly on the heads. We are happy to provide another bung if you want to cut one in the side. We age our 77 Whiskey in these barrels for 1-2 years. Each pallet holds ten barrels, measures 48x48x66 and weighs 850lbs. Price is FOB 11232. I'm asking 125 per barrel for a pallet of 10 barrels, or I'll give you a discount for taking more than 10 barrels. Thank you. info at brkdistilling dot com 347 725 four nine eight five
  8. The hopper measures 33.5" square by 33' high (plus 1.5" for the lip on the 8" ring where the flour drops in to the hopper).
  9. Photos of the kettle are here: https://brkdistilling.com/mash-tank-for-sale/
  10. We are no longer using this machine although it did serve us well. Flexicon Bev-Con Conveyor Model 1500 15' long Moves 1 ton flour per hour Consists of hopper, screw, agitator and vibrator for hopper, and flexible discharge hose. Discharge height is 12' 6" above the floor Overall height is 15' 6" You can shorten the screw to reduce the height if that suits your application. Purchased new February 2012. 3 phase 208-230 or 460 VAC As seen in attached picture. Questions to info at brkdistilling.com $ 6,500 for the complete system
  11. We have an approx. 500 gallon kettle with a jacket that we are no longer using. We purchased this tank used in 2010 and used it until 2014. It came with a bottom entering dispersion type mixer, however (!) the mechanical seal breaks down fairly often. It's a reasonable fix ($500 for the part and I did it myself) but I'd recommend a different mixing method. We did use it for 4 years though. It's open top with a hinged lid. There is no name plate and we ran the steam at 15 PSI. The jacket is well insulated on the outside. We never cleaned it from the last use but it does clean up nice. Polished inside and mounted on carbon steel legs. We have a rolling ladder that can go with it and a VFD for the motor. It's been running on 3 phase 208 vac. Dimension: Overall diameter 70" Overall height lid closed 106" Inner diameter 48" straight sides 58" dish bottom 6" Center outlet 2" tri clamp $4,000 I would really like to see it go. brad info @ brkdistilling dot com email for photos, the upload is failing.
  12. We have about 20 once used American oak whiskey barrels for sale. 25 gallon size Brooklyn, NY 11232 $125 each FOB Breuckelen Distilling 347-725-4985 info (at) brkdistilling (dot) com
  13. Folks: We are looking for a T-Top (bartop) to fit Piramal's Tennessee bottle. We need one with a white top. The size is 19.5mm shank with a 31mm diameter top. Could be wood or plastic. Could be customized. I've tried the three suppliers I know of without any luck. Anyone have a suggestion? Brad Breuckelen Distilling info at brkdistilling dot com
  14. We have 20 once used American oak whiskey barrels. These are the 25 gallon size. $125 each Located in Brooklyn, NY 11232 info@brkdistilling.com
  15. Racks for holding 25 or 30 gallon barrels 2 barrels per rack Low profile 11" high (there are a few normal profile, too) Allow for stacking and easy to move around with a forklift. We purchased new in March 2012 from Western Square. They are not rusty or abused. Black. Great condition. Dimensions are roughly 45" wide by 11" high by 24" deep. Any questions - info@brkdistilling.com or 347-725-4985 $75 each
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