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Run time and how long to run tails

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We are just getting up and running, and were wondering what everyone typically expects in terms of run time for your still. We are running a 128 gallon batch of rum through a 10-plate (perforated) reflux column after reflux info for 30 mins and it is taking us upwards of 10 hours to get through a batch. Produces good product, but man the late nights are killing me. 

My scond question is to what proof do you usually run tails? We run down pretty far, but curious what everyone else is doing. 

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90 gallon stills running steam here. Stripping on the grain takes about an hour to take off and two hours to run. Spirit runs take about 40 minutes to take off and 7 hours total. A full pot through the column is about 9 hours total. Ten hours for 128 gallons doesn't surprise me at all.

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