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330 Gallon 4 plate Still For Sale

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We have a 330 gallon 4 plate copper column Still for sale. $44,000. What it has:

-4 bubble cap all copper plates with bypass valves and CIP installed

- Agitator.

- Stainless Steel jacketed oil bath electric heating

Magnetic water flow, temp controlled controls.


This is not used and brand new.  We have another Still we are going to use instead and selling at a loss.  We will pay shipping inside U.S. up to $1500.  This was brokered from China- you will not find a nicer and cheaper Still- absolutely perfect.


I can't get all pictures to upload but happy to email to any serious buyer.  You can email first at: jecakes@yahoo.com or through site.




CIP ball on each plate.jpg

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