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Farm Distillery Survey - Please Respond


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I am in the process of opening a distillery in Fairfax County, Virginia. The County Board is looking at revising our Zoning for "Farm Distilleries" amid concerns of excessive road traffic. Please help us by completing this short survey. I will be presenting this to the County government next week.

Please paste and respond to these questions here or take the online survey here:


What is the name of your distillery?
Is your distillery located in a rural, suburban or urban area?
Do you consider yourself a "Farm Distillery"?
How many visitors do you receive per day on average? (weekday/weekend)
Do you hold special events or festivals on site? If so, how many guests typically attend?
What are your weekday hours?
What are your weekend hours?
How many non-employee cars are typically parked at your distillery? (normal /special event)
How far is the closest neighboring house from your distillery?
Does your site also feature a winery or distillery?

Thank you,


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How did it go with Fairfax. I own a Farm Distillery in Sussex County.  We got distilling added as a permitted use to the A-1 zoning as distilling is a value added process to farming  and fits the criteria listed in the Right to Farm act which in turn got me an agricultural exemption from building permits and inspections by the county. Feel free to give me a shout or come visit. i am about 2 hours from you.



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