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Federal Basic Permit


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I suspect that you are looking at a paper application for a basic permit.  That has the character of the info needed to make a background check.

But from DSP 101 - you must also submit an application to register the plant.  When you do it using permits on line, and I recommend that you do it on-line for any number of reasons, the two applications get bundled into one, with TTB using the database entries to prepare the "paper" applications when it approves the on-line application.

Take a look at the application to register the plant.  You will find the detail that you had expected.   

And if you add a trade name, either operating or bottling, you must amend both the permit and the registration.  But don't confuse trade names with brand names or trademarks.

If you want specific advice about your specific situation, I provide that as a part of my consulting business, but I provide general information here as a service.



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