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750mL clear round glass bottles for sale

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1,170 bottles per pallet. $1 per bottle = $1,170 per pallet. 
No caps/corks/boxes (just the glass bottles in cardboard trays - ocean faring pallets are heavily wrapped - see photos)
Minimum order is 1x pallet (6x total pallets available)
Bottles are FoB. You can either pick them up at the warehouse or arrange a truck. I have a forklift on this side to load.

Bottle Dimensions:
Capacity: 750 ML
Finish: Bartop (18.5mm closure)
Height: 12.972 IN
Width at Shoulder: 3 IN
Width at Base: 3 IN
Height of Pushup: 0.177 IN
Label Panel: 8.153
Weight: 27.53 OZ (780gram)
Shape: Round
Feature: Thick Bottom
Pallet Dimensions:
40"x48"x84" (7' tall)
1170 bottles per pallet

750mL fling round.jpg

Pallet photo.jpg

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