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New 750ml "Morgantown" Moonshine Jug

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New Launch 
Proudly Made in U.S.A
750 ml Morgantown
This Premium Eco Base Moonshine Jug is reminiscent in design of a classic American Moonshine still. The bottle has a round base and large 360 degree decoration or label area.

The bottle has been named after Morgantown, West Virginia.  Located at the base of the Appalachia Mountains (the home of Moonshine), Morgantown is the stomping grounds of the famous West Virginia Mountaineers and the fastest growing city in the state of West Virginia.
Put your White Lightning in this bottle!

For packaging specifications and shipping information, please contact Wm. R. Hill & Co.

Wm. R. Hill & Co.
4500 E. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23231
P 910-399-1846 I C 910-620-9921
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