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Greetings from Western Colorado!

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Hi all! My name is David Fishering and I am in the early stages of developing our distillery business plan for what will be an exciting new venture for me and hopefully a great addition to the market and our community. I decided to make the jump from the home distillers forum to the ADI forum to coincide with our move from garage to a real commercial operation. Whisky is my true passion and will be our focus, but we plan to do clear spirits as well in order to get product to market. My family has also been growing grapes and making wine in the region for 6 years so we will likely add brandy to the mix (done a few pretty decent batches with our pot still). We have experience running a small pot still, but I have never worked on a column or reflux still and would lie if I said I wasn't a bit intimidated. I started trolling the forum about a month ago but am always looking for any advice on business planning, equipment and actual plant setup/operation. Also anyone ever go to any of the workshops/classes that are offered around the country or in CO specifically? Are they worth it? Thanks to all and look forward to being a part of this community!

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Thanks bluefish. I am waiting to hear back from Downslope about their next offering. I can't make the one in November. Just checked out your facebook page. Looks like you guys are just getting things going in Colorado Springs? How long has it been in the making? Vodka and Shine, anything else in the works?

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