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Mori filler with wide mouth bottles (mason jars)


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We have a Mori bottle filler and we're trying to fill some wide mouth bottles (mason jars).  Has anyone had success with finding or making their own wider lid adapters to fill the jars directly?  Currently, we're having to fill a narrow mouth bottle (for accurate fill volume) and transfer to the jar.  

Thanks for any suggestions! 

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I may have talked to you about this already via e-mail. If not, here's what I told someone else who had the same question:

The main problem with trying to fill a mason jar with a gravity filler is that the filler needs to create a seal against the jar's mouth in order to work properly. The opening of a normal liquor bottles seals against the nozzle cone on the nozzle shaft. Mason jars, however, have a very wide mouth opening. You'd need to jury-rig your own nozzle cone to create a seal.

I found that a size 13 rubber stopper like this might actually do the trick. It could seal against the mouth of a normal mason jar with a 2.75" opening. So you would just need to take off the standard red nozzle cone, drill a hole in the center of the #13 rubber stopper to let it fit around the shaft of the nozzle, and start filling. You might need to add something like a large stainless steel washer for extra support to prevent the stopper from bending upwards. See the attached very rough sketch.

All this said, we've never tried it before, so I can't say for sure if it will work or not. The Mori Filler is definitely not designed out-of-the box for mason jars, though with some ingenuity you may be able to get it to work.


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3 hours ago, Blackheart said:

Michael: Just seeing your reply makes me appreciate the feedback people like you put in here.  Thanks for adding this well thought out and detailed response. 

:D No problem. I'm curious to know if it will work, myself. I will try to talk the shop into mocking up a prototype. It'd be a neat add-on feature. I know a lot of distilleries like to use mason jars.

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I ended up getting the #12 stoppers from vwr. Catalog# 59581-527. They fit our dimensions and came in a 6 pack. I tried contacting the manufacturer of the white stoppers about material compatibility with ethanol and had no response. I checked with vwr about these black ones and they gave me the thumbs up. They do have an aroma of rubber tire so I soaked them overnight in new make (discarded) and that seemed to help get rid of the aroma. 

Overall, this set up works but it's not great. Airtight seal was not always achieved and it took two hands to remove the bottle without splashing. I would try to source the red rubber that mori uses. I think it would be a better balance of rubber hardness to get a better seal while also reducing bottle stick that I got with the white rubber bungs. 

Thanks again for the help! We're definitely better off than before. 


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