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hi all

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hi, i'm jason from Ohio.

I've been a homebrewer for years and am likely going to be brewing beer full time in late spring as I'm preparing for an exit from the corporate world. I have ambitions of eventually starting up my own small distillery but that plan is only in its' infancy. I'm particularly interested and excited to use my in-laws organic farm to produce wheat and other raws I can use to distill. I'm really digging the forum and the attitude many of the members have of free exchange of ideas. I hope I can contribute some day but for now I got me some learnin' to do!

One of the things I need to start focusing on is exactly how I can enter the business slowly and mess around some (legally) on a small scale prior to a full commitment. I'd like to spend thousands to see if I should move forward with an investment of 10's if not 100's. The ultimate goal at this point would be a high quality vodka/whiskey distillery using as many high quality ingredients as I can manage to grow and process myself. I'm also interested in utilizing ancient grains. The more research I do the more ideas I get.

I was just in the Great Lakes Distillery and took a tour last week. Cool people, nice facility and I really enjoyed their product. The citrus honey vodka was particularly impressive. The tour and tasting are certainly worth the time if you find yourself in Milwaukee with some time on your hands.

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