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Help! Arnold Holstein P45 installation/operation


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Hi Everyone,

I recently acquired a beautiful Arnold Holstein 45L propane fired testing still and I'm having a heck of a time finding ANY information on set up, installation, operation or replacement parts.

I'd like to make sure this thing is safe before I fire it up and that I'm operating it safely and within guidelines.

Any help would be appreciated.


Here's a pic of it in


arnold still.pdf

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Thanks Guys,

I saw the safety inspector for my area today and he said he wouldn't allow us to turn this thing on until he saw some installation data or manual from the contractor. Plus we need to get it certified for use in Canada as it doesn't have a Canadian certification stamp, only the European "CE"

I've reached out to the manufacturer a few times over the last 5 months and never once heard anything back. Does anyone have contact info for Arnold Holstein that'll actually be responded to?

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I think the suggestion by @Brian could be a good approach.  Could it be easier to just work with a local vendor to replace the whole gas train and burner assembly with something that's certified under the local authority, with a local (at least Canadian) representative?  They'll probably be able to provide the appropriate exhaust requirements to pair with their burner as well.  You'll have lots of paperwork from the regulator, burner, etc etc.  Take the angle that the still itself is no different from any other pot on a regulated burner (just a bit more odd, you know, like a big wok or kettle corn popcorn).  Not sure if propane was your first choice, but if you have natural gas, it's at least the opportunity to switch them out.

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What province are you in, Wayward? 

There are ways to get this done. Your local inspector is concerned about liability, and generally getting a Canadian certification can be rough, unless he knows exactly what agency he wants to certify it. Usually, at least in BC and Alberta, the issues come with the strict venting and make-up air rules. I have had some luck using local hvac engineers sign off on an installation so that the inspector can fob liability off on them. That worked great in Tofino!!

if you are in the west, i know some gasfitters that can help get stuff in to the satisfaction of inspectors.

Having said all of that, your still is pretty small. It might be more cost-effective to replace the burner with a locally certified solution and hit play :-)


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