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2500L Artisan Still Design Mash Tun for sale

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I am selling a 660 gallon Distillery Mash Tun produced by Artisan Still Design:

- 2500L
- Steam jacketed 
- Extra ports for steam injection if desired* 
- Bottom mounted 3 HP, 3 phase electric motor for the agitator
- several ports on top for both CIP and fill water inlet 
- 16" man-way
- 3" drain

This MT is already disconnected and available for immediate pick up. See the attached cut sheet.

Located in Kansas City. It's been used only several times. 
Asking $25k. Buyer responsible for shipping. 

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. 

Thank you!

*We didn't want to use the steam injection so we had them capped but I still have the sparge tubes.2500L MASH TUN Marked Up.pdf



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