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Tequila/Mexico agreement

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I have not but i looked into it.

For US importers, covered by free trade NAFTA, at least for a while, re Trump.


Forms: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/211/~/requirements-for-importing-alcohol-for-resale

Look at Mexican producers and start taste testing:http://wholesale-food-and-beverage.hktdc.com/manufacturers/Wholesale-Tequila-Manufacturers/en/13182-1/

I tried to pm you but got a message that you cannot receive them.

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Hello Palmetto,

If you are still looking for tequila we are a company based in Vancouver Canada with an office in Mexico with sourcing agents on the ground, we deal mainly with coffee and honey but also have lots of direct contacts with tequila and mezcal producers (also making good inroads into craft Mexican beer) you have to be a bit specific these days in what you are looking for (organic, aged, etc.) but we can usually source great products for you or your client.


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