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Determining mg of solids


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Is there a way to measure the quantity of solids as to determine if it has less than 400mg per 100ml of solids in it, and can be proofed with a hydrometer? Do I just weigh any solids before their addition to the spirit? I was planing on macerating my solid flavorings separately and adding to taste, which would complicate that a little as well. Thanks. 

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I think your question comes from if you can use a Hydrometer to accurately determine alc/vol, if solids are present.  Generally I feel not.  400mg of solids per 100ml of sample is not a lot of solids. I always, always distill every sample prior to hydrometry to be sure its 100% accurate.  I have two small 1L glass stills setup in the lab for this purpose only.

After a series of distillation and hydro tests, you will see a trend to develop when you can 'estimate' the alc/vol, before distillation, for a given recipe.

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