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Hello from beautiful Whidbey Island Washington

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Hi. I'm Bob, the designer, builder, recipe wrangler, tax-bungler, chemist and engineer at Cultus Bay Distillery, a tiny distillery on the banks of Cultus Bay. Our DSP is now about 9 months old, and we started conventionally producing a vodka, and old gin recipe of mine, as well as a triple-potstilled single malt white whisky we've named (legitimately) poitin. On St. Paddy's day we bottled our first batch of aged poitin, proofed to 86, as an Irish whisky (actually a single-malt with an Irish name and shamrocks, hoping they'll figure it out).

I'm a potstiller and brown liquor maker by nature, but for the vodka and gin base we built one of the new (to me,anyway) condenser-controlled vapor management stills, which appears to work beautifully, even in the ham-fists of an old pot-thumper like me.

I've read the ADI newsletter for perhaps a year, but I never realized there was a forum. I love a good forum.

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Zbob, i think you may have gone a little 'light' on the introduction.  I expect most here know of you already.   Welcome!!

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