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Gasket for Hoga manway


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So we have a worn out manway gasket on our Hoga 500l still. I reached out to Hoga to buy a replacement but never received an answer. I tried gasket companies in my area but none of the solution seem to work ...

the gasket wraps around the fixed portion of the manway instead of the traditional way of sitting in the door.

Any advice on how to get a new/used gasket that fits our specific still ?



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That was our first thought, we had made a flat face gasket but we are not getting a good seal because the lip on our Hoga copper pot is hammered over the lip of the manway and is very uneven. I called every gasket supplier in the distillery, winery, brewery world and haven't found a good solution. It would help if someone knew what Manway manufacturer Hoga uses. I am suspecting it is Zorzini but would like a confirmation before I try to use my poor german skills

Much appreciate all the suggestions.

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It's just a piece of leather.. check out a local supplier and cut it yourself.  I no longer have a hoga (new employer) but it took me a couple tries to get our replacement.  He actually recommended that I cut my own but sent me a replacement anyway.  You may be able to buy a flat gasket and use an adhesive to attach it to the door as someone previously mentioned.

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