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Combining multiple containers


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I have a small distillery and will have several small containers of feints from different distillation runs.  When I do not have time to re-run them I will combine them into a larger container.  I create separate tank transfer records for audit purposes.  If I combine 2 containers into a 3rd, larger container that already has spirits in it I do them one at a time and end up proofing the larger tank twice.  My question is, is it necessary to do this or can I combine both of the smaller containers into the larger container and proof it just once?


John Baker

Cats Eye Distillery, LLC

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True, but if I already know the weight of whats going into the 3rd tank and already know how much the 3rd tank weighs, should I need to weigh the 3rd tank afterwards?   I do record the total combined weight.


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