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Head Distiller - Southern Tier Distilling


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Southern Tier Distilling Company, newly operational, is committed to producing world-class spirits.  Our brand mission is centered on quality, flavor and innovation.  The distillery has a state-of-the-art 5000L German built still which utilizes modern technology to produce clear and brown spirits.

We are looking for a creative, enthusiastic, “SPIRIT-ed” individual to head up our distilling production in this brand new facility. 

The Head Distiller understands and performs all aspects of distillation from grain to glass. 

Interested in applying?  Submit a resume and cover letter to jobs@southerntierbrewing.com by May 12th 


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Achieve desired quality and production goals

·         Distillery Related Operations – make wash, grind grain(s), transfer to fermenters, determine quality (heads, hearts & tails), and operate filler

·         Maintain all production equipment and keep work area organized and safe

·         Keep ingredients and supplies in adequate supply to meet production needs

·         Must be able to work any shift in a 24 hour schedule

·         Conduct Tours, attend special events as needed

The Head Distiller must possess:

·         A love for what they do

·        The knowledge and desire to develop flavor profiles

·         Basic knowledge of chemistry and biology, with respect to the distillation process

·         Microsoft Office Skills, particularly Excel spreadsheets


Minimum Education &/or Experience required:  

·         A formal distilling education or professional experience is considered above all else

·         Minimum of two (2) years of experience in a Commercial Production Distillery

·         High School Diploma, or higher, with five (5) years manufacturing experience in a brewing or distilling environment

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