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What happens to the alchohol when a distillery goes out

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Hi all,

I am inches away from pulling the trigger on all the equipment i need and sending in my applications.  I live in ny and will be attending farmers markets year round.   Almost no sales via stores.   I have a very strong open market to go to with my product and believe I will succeed.     But in case my sales are much lower than i anticipate i wonder what happens if after the first three years i wanted to shut down.   


Can i keep my license without producing the state minimums so that i can sell the rest of my inventory?

Do i have to buy it all myself or destroy it?

i have looked on the web till my eyes bled but cant find this answer.   I would very much appreciate the help if someone knows



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Thanks.    Of course its a poor mindset to anticipate failure.   Being a farmer however i like to plan for the worst in every new endeavor.  Ive been through my paces, and have been quite successful.    Ive also encountered some failures.    Knowing both sides is the way i like to roll now.


Seems silly not to understand if you can sell your product even if you decide to stop producing.   Always have an exit strategy 

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