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Sustainability & Waste Reduction

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My fellow Distillers of fine spirits,


You may or may not have contemplated the potential for the byproducts generated by our industry.  Spent wash, CO2, compostable solids, and waste heat are all usable in the generation of other products.


We are building a system that will take these byproducts and create a variety of other products: water, spices, botanicals, produce, freshwater fish, garden soil amendments and more.


This system will virtually eliminate wastewater effluent, majority of solid wastes, and CO2 emissions.  This means a serious reduction in waste liability and a cost reduction and increase in revenue generation.


Our prototype system is under construction now and hopefully with the assistance of other interested parties will be available to learn about more.


I am looking for a number of interested industry partners to complete the development of this system.  Upon completion each partner will have full access to the research, design, and operation for their own use.  The rest of the industry will of course have to purchase this system at a considerably higher cost.


If you are interested let me know, and we can discuss this opportunity further.


Thank you for your time,

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