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FDA GRAS for birch and sarsaparilla needed


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I've got a fun one going on this formula. I have a formula that uses birch and sarsaparilla in a syrup that I submitted to blend with a vodka. We also make a 100% cane spirit and I wanted to get the same formula approved for use with that spirit, to allow flexibility. Well, they approved formula #1 after some tweaks. I copied that formula, and resubmitted it with the spirit types switched out. Now they want the GRAS for the birch and sars.... which I cannot find for love or money. I've emailed the FDA for help as well as the herbal suppliers but as of yet haven't had any success.

Does anyone have a stash of the paperwork for either of those ingredients or advice as how to skin the cat? I don't want to get my other recipe revoked by pointing out they already approved it once...


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