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  1. We've had a similar experience. Our set up is smaller though so we didn't invest too deeply in special supplies. Bottles of course are the hardest and the thing I hate buying in large quantities because we can't use them for spirits later. Otherwise, I figure we can always use isopropyl and peroxide for cleaning, for the next several years We've made most of our own base alcohol. We did get a couple batches of wine and beer donated here and there which helped with the initial demand and turn around but obviously we can't price it like the big guys. We've been trying to donate a portion of each batch as well. That said, even with our prices being a smidge higher, it's not that out of the realm of what 'regular' companies are charging at this point. I've seen some office supply places charging almost 2x as much. We didn't bother trying to pursue distribution though we had some solicitations for it. I don't really want to make this my 'business.' So, we'll use the stuff we have on hand, and see if a second wave comes. And if all else fails, I'll go back to putting it in 50 ml mini nips.
  2. Working through a similar issue regarding a product right now. Let's just say it's easier to buy a new roll of labels than fight 'the man.'
  3. I have to admit, this still grinds my gears. It took them 8.5 months to look at our application... then 2 weeks to approve I'm the poster child for the wrong end of the bell curve.
  4. I've been using the dry stuff in an experiment of my own and haven't been thrilled. I may end up trying to find a fresh source to get the right 'zing' out of it.
  5. I can't confirm but I would guess either one would probably work if you use the Latin. I'm not near my paperwork right now so I can't get much more in depth at the moment.
  6. Well, I try to source botanicals that include the latin name on them because there can be differences in varieties that would change the flavor of the recipes (not to mention products not being legit). Monterey Bay or Mountain Rose Herbs tend to have pretty good background to what they provide. I usually start there because I know it's a source I can buy from easily. I just pull up what I'm looking for on their site and go from there.
  7. I did get birch approved in my formula but it's been well over a year now I'll have to dig in to my archive and see what I ended up doing. Did you do the common or latin name? That was part of my issue.
  8. Just got a formula approval this morning, much to my surprise. COLA is a whole other issue...
  9. Putting together our wish list budget for 2019, and hoping to add to the brood. Looking for a 300 gallon (minimum) electric bain marie for stripping. Already have a column we can use on it.
  10. Looking to upgrade my swing top bottles. Currently use an odd sized 750 ml amber glass. Looks nice but only comes in small orders, so unit cost can add up. Eventually I want to expand the product line, so ideally I'd like to find a bottle that had both a flint or an amber option for the various products, but clear could work for everything. We currently use an eco base Tennessee for our other stuff, and Ive have looked at the flip top versions but my concern is how tall they get. I'd also prefer a straight sided for this product since I'd have to redesign the label profile to work on the Tennessee. I've seen the Salem and the Dalia, which aren't bad but sourcing is a little hard to find. I also don't want to get more than a pallet at a time between both cost and floor space. I wish I could find someone to do half pallets!
  11. So has anyone found a good replacement human contact at HUB? I've been trying to get a hold of someone for the past week and a half about some paperwork for an event that's due tomorrow...
  12. Checking in to see if anyone has had experience (good or bad) with Big Fish as a retailer for their spirits. They've been hitting us hot and heavy with solicitations and per their website I see a lot of familiar names listed. https://www.bfspirits.com Legit? Scam? Somewhere in between? Any info would be greatly appreciated. -J
  13. I've scanned the threads about doing bitters. I get on the basic level that you have to release the spirits from bond. We would be making our own spirits for use, not buying NGS. I guess my first question is, if I do the right paperwork dance, can I do the bitters physically in the same location, or do I need to find another place? (Aka, rent out a commercial kitchen or something like that). We have our bonded production area, the tasting room/bar, and our dish wash room. Could I carve out a nook of non bonded space? On a more local level, our production side is managed by the Department of Agriculture, and the tasting room by the health department. Would the bitters area need a health department certification? Could you technically call them something more like an Amaro instead of bitters to keep it under the DSP? I can see the FDA herbal concentrations being an issue on that one. I know other distilleries are doing this, I just don't know how. And we're operating on our own modest pocket money and a small space, so creative problem solving is a must. (Worst case I'm thinking remote concession trailer?!) (I often get myself in more trouble by actually trying to do things the proper way....)
  14. Yep. Have to have a formula for the sparkles as they're only allowed in a certain concentration. Luster Dust has the FDA paperwork that's pretty easy to find, unlike some of the other brands.
  15. Got one approved an awaiting labeling myself. Luster dust.
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