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Gin defined

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Spirits with a main characteristic
flavor derived from juniper berries
produced by distillation or mixing of
spirits with juniper berries and other
aromatics or extracts derived from
these materials and bottled at not
less than 40% alcohol by volume (80


The above is from TTB definition. 

My question is how do you define "main characteristic flavor"?

I followed a recipe from the Forum but what I taste most is faint black licorice that I am guessing is coming from a tiny bit of fennel seed I added.  Really like the flavor, but is this "gin"?


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Juniper was fresh and fragrant. 66 percent juniper  33percent other botanicals.  Infused juniper overnight as well as in basket during run.  Tasted juniper in heads and early hearts then other botanicals started coming through.  

Tastes good. Reminds me of Magellan, but is it gin?  

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I agree with SCD. It has been explained to me that since "main characteristic flavor" is a fairly nebulous standard, using juniper as the primary botanical by weight should at least give you cover on your formula. I am personally of the belief that it's not gin if you cannot taste juniper.

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