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Historic Books About Distillery Business?

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I looking for any pre 1900 books that describe how to set up and run a distillery. Especially how to choose a distillery location. Many pre 1900 distilleries near Virginia seem to have been located   by mill runs, rivers, creeks, etc. 

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Err... The reasons for being near flowing water is obvious isn't it? Free water for cooling and cleaning, and if the quality is alright also for mashing and diluting. And if you put a water mill in also free power...

I've got an electronic archive with around 70 old books (>10yr, up to 500yr) about distilling, including a few which are pre-1900 and in English - but they might come from the UK or somewhere else in the English speaking world. Just send me a message and I'll sort and share 'em with you.

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